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Won’t somebody please think of the tanks!

October 25, 2008

So, reading through the latest Grab Bag from Mythic and I come across this:

If you’re a healer and you want to make the most of earning Renown, heal those around you who seem to be doing the most damage. The system encourages grouping with others and/or keeping the top killers alive, so if you do so, your healing Renown will flow!

Edited to add: One word can make a difference in a statement. It’s important for healers to group, and to heal everyone in your group, not just the damage dealers. Of course we never intended to suggest ignoring everyone else!

Now that is a fair kick in the teeth for those few tanks out there that actually like playing the defensive role.

One of the things i really like about WAR is that it has a role for tanks in RvR. They can use their taunts and guard to limit the damage to others, their knock backs and knock downs to break up an enemy line and just generally make a nuisance of themselves. However, one thing they don’t do is a bucket load of damage.

Now I know the DPS are the ones who acheive most of the kills for the team, but without the tanks around reducing the incoming damage on both the DPS and healers, most of us wouldn’t survive long enough to actually get a kill. We all need the tanks just as much as we need the DPS and healers and I personally think they should be rewarded for the effort they do in defending us. I’m not quite sure if Mythic feel the same way though …