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Favourite quest so far

October 13, 2008

This post is inspired by a survey I just filled out over at Nick Yee’s The Daedalus Project. I would highly recommend everyone go and have a look over The Daedalus Project and participate in the surveys there. I find a lot of the information there to be of great interest and I think having a better understanding of  players’ motivations helps me with my online interactions both as a player and as a Guild Leader.

So, back to quests – the survey asked what my favourite quest of all time was and thinking back over all the games I have played and all the quests I have done, I have to say the Dark Elf quest line Legend and Infamy was the one that stood out as the best of all time. I have been thinking about why this is so and I think the thing that grabbed me about the Legend and Infamy quest line was that it specifically involved me. The bulk of the story line was my quest to restore my reputation by tracking down and killing Haydion Whitewrath. Not only did it involve me, it also work in really well with the Dark Elf lore and their hatred of the High Elves.

Unfortunately the other areas don’t tend to do the epic quest lines quite as well as the Dark Elf Tier 1 (although I am holding out hope there may be something later on in T3 or T4). While most quests (not just the epic ones) do have some back story and a solid reason for doing the quests that tied nicely in with the story line, they just didn’t feel quite the same as Legend and Infamy. Now I know that writing a whole bunch of quests with the aim of getting everyone engrossed in the quest line is difficult and I don’t expect every quest to be like that, but I would like to see at least 1 Epic chain that does draw me in and runs through all the chapters in the tier. As it stands, there is little incentive to follow a quest chain through if you have out levelled the area or moved on to another pairing.

One thing that did disappoint me with Legend and Infamy was that as soon as I got into Tier 2 it was like I hadn’t participated in the quest chain at all. The NPCs there obviously hadn’t heard of my deeds and treated me like scum and once again I had to prove my worth. Why can’t at least some of the quests we do have an ongoing impact on our characters such as influencing the way NPCs interact with us? Why couldn’t word have spread to other lands of the amazing feat I carried out in order to kill Haydion Whitewrath and the local inhabitants treat me differently to those who didn’t complete the quest series? Maybe give me a couple more quests to choose from or a different reputation item or even just show a little more respect in their dialogue with me. Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to have a flag in game that toggled between 2 choices depending on whether someone had completed a particular quest chain or not?

So, what are your favourite quests thus far? What would you like to see changed/improved about quests in WAR?