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Tracker and Stalker Sets

October 15, 2008

Yesterday a mate was asking whether there were sets in WAR and whether they were worth collecting and fortuitously Syp had just posted a quick guide to obtaining the Stalker set for Order so I thought I would do up something for Destruction.

The basic premise for the Tracker (T2) and Stalker (T3) sets is that you get a quest to kill a bunch of Order players (not NPCs) and then once you have handed that quest in you get a quest to kill a Hero. After killing a Hero you then get one of the pieces of the armour set. Once you have collected all pieces you also get a spiffy tome unlock and title. There is one quest series for each of the racial pairings.

So, without further delay, here is a summary of the quests and their objectives:

Tracker Gloves – Obtained from Erikwuf Wrathbound in Ostland:
Good Will – Kill 20 Witch Hunters
Good Will – Kill the Witch Hunter Wilhelm Von Kleinbach

Tracker Boots – Obtained from Drekka Goblobba in Marshes of Madness:
‘Ead ‘Unta – Kill 20 Ironbreakers
‘Ead ‘Unta – Kill the dwarf Surveyor Stonebreak

Tracker Chest – Obtained from Tarond Frostrage in Ellyrion:
Bladed Whispers– Kill 20 Swordmasters
Bladed Whispers– Kill the Swordmaster Drielis Windform

Stalker Boots – Obtained from Kruggog in Black Fire Pass
We’s Gettin’ Shot Up – Kill 20 Engineers
We’s Gettin’ Shot Up– Kill Flinty Copperlock

Stalker Gloves – Obtained from Asille Nightreach in Avelorn
A Servant’s Duel– Kill 20 Archmages
A Servant’s Duel– Kill Kasildir Morningbreeze

Stalker Sholders – Obtained from Hallbjorn Frent in Talabecland
Fighting Fire with Fire – Kill 20 Bright Wizards
Fighting Fire with Fire– Kill the Bright Wizard Felix Magnus

The Order version of the Stalker set has 4 pieces but only 3 pieces are showing up for the Destruction version on WARDB so I suspect that the 4th quest hasn’t been captured by the folks at WARDB yet. I will check back regularly and update this once more information is available. The Order quest for the Chest is available at 27 or 28 so I have a couple of levels before I can get the quest yet.

Some comments on WARDB indicate that you may need to have completed certain quests or be at a certain influence level before being able to get the initial kill quests but details are sketchy at this point. If I find something more definite on the quest requirements I will add the information into this post as well.


It seems the quest from Kruggog currently has a level requirement of 27 which seems a little odd considering the boots are level 20 greens. I suspect as there doesn’t seem to be a quest for the 4th piece of the set that the boots reward was supposed to be the chest instead. The order version has a minimum level around 27 for the chest. At this point the fourth quest isn’t available in game so I would suggest putting in a bug report for it as Snafzg has done.