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Status Update

December 8, 2008

So, I have been back home for a week but haven’t managed to get a meaningful post together just yet so I thought I would do a quick status update with a few thoughts on life and WAR.

Firstly, real life is pretty much hampering my ability to spend time in game. I am finishing up my current job next week and then have to pack the house and move interstate. Between the preparation for the move and tidying up loose ends with my job, I have managed a total of about 3 decent gaming sessions since I have been back in town.

In my first session back I managed to knock over all the Heavy Metal event tasks and unlock access to the new tank classes. While I was happy to be able to participate in the event after being away for all bar two of the days, I was a bit disappointed by how easy it was to complete the tasks. In fact, the hardest thing about the tasks was getting a Reikland Factory scenario to pop. I think if they had split the tasks into two and you had access to one for the first half of the event and then access to the other for the rest, it would have put a bit more emphasis on participation over the duration of the event. Unlocking the access to the new classes feels a little hollow knowing I was only online for 1 night out of the whole period.

Another big event that occurred while I was away was the release of the WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King. Most of my mates and fellow guildies are all pretty keen WoW players so when I came back the guild was empty and everyone was off playing in Northrend. Understanding that most of my mates wouldn’t be coming back, I have transferred GM of <The Basin> to one of my alts and moved Xibalba across to a new guild <NoFear>. This decision was a difficult one for me having been the impetus behind setting up the guild on Ironclaw, but I felt that without an active guild, my time in WAR would be pretty limited so I made the move hoping to keep my enthusiasm for the game going.

Patch 1.05 and 1.06 have come out and while they haven’t fixed all the issues I was hoping, I am happy with the progress Mythic are making towards improving the game. The changes have improved my DPS a little while my healing seems to be about the same. I now use my big heal more often due to the shorter cast time and reduced push back and I think that is a nice improvement, particularly as I am now running with an alchemy spec (more on that in another post). I still get a little bit of animation stutter on occasion, but it is much improved on the previous implementations. Now Mythic just need to bring in patch 1.1 and the ORvR changes!

Well, that is a quick wrap up of things. I am going to be in and out over the next few weeks so my blog updates will be a little patchy, particularly the couple of weeks around New Years when I will be between houses.