Witching Night and all that Jazz

November 5, 2008

I haven’t had much to say here because I have been out of town and my game time has been limited. I did manage to get around 3-4 hours play during the Witching Night event but as Syp mentioned pretty much everyone has already covered that in detail.

One thing I will mention however is that I was a little disappointed that the item rewards were a cloak and mask. I just don’t see the point in rewards that I am not going to use at all. I would prefer that Mythic did something with either the dye or trophy system or maybe provided a nice achievement I could put in my bragging rights to indicate I had participated in the event rather than a cloak and mask that I would only wear around IC if I remembered to actually equip them. I did see in their announcement for the Heavy Metal live event that they would provide a trophy as a reward for the first level of influence which I think is a good move, unfortunately I will be out of town again for all bar 3 days of that event.

On a happy note, the Witching Night influence grind wasn’t too bad and the elite reward mask was BoE so my bank alt has a nice new mask to wear around IC. I also noticed that the first level reward potion that gives you the title is not bound so I have mailed it around to my alts so they all have access to “The Spooky” title. It seems mailing the potion resets the use count as well.

Delicate Silver Mask


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