Won’t somebody please think of the tanks!

October 25, 2008

So, reading through the latest Grab Bag from Mythic and I come across this:

If you’re a healer and you want to make the most of earning Renown, heal those around you who seem to be doing the most damage. The system encourages grouping with others and/or keeping the top killers alive, so if you do so, your healing Renown will flow!

Edited to add: One word can make a difference in a statement. It’s important for healers to group, and to heal everyone in your group, not just the damage dealers. Of course we never intended to suggest ignoring everyone else!

Now that is a fair kick in the teeth for those few tanks out there that actually like playing the defensive role.

One of the things i really like about WAR is that it has a role for tanks in RvR. They can use their taunts and guard to limit the damage to others, their knock backs and knock downs to break up an enemy line and just generally make a nuisance of themselves. However, one thing they don’t do is a bucket load of damage.

Now I know the DPS are the ones who acheive most of the kills for the team, but without the tanks around reducing the incoming damage on both the DPS and healers, most of us wouldn’t survive long enough to actually get a kill. We all need the tanks just as much as we need the DPS and healers and I personally think they should be rewarded for the effort they do in defending us. I’m not quite sure if Mythic feel the same way though …



  1. Warhammer alliance have a discussion going on this matter which can be found here: http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165753

  2. I made a very similar post over on my blog as well. I guess great minds think alike!

    These couple of paragraphs have me a bit torqued

  3. Think of the utility guys too.

    We engineers get no contribution or renown for any of the snaring, rooting, and knocking people off walls that we do. I don’t see me ever getting a gold bag from a keep capture, so completing many of the armour sets is closed to me, simply because nothing beyond pure damage and healing is counted.

  4. Keeping the tanks who are protecting him up, to stay alive himself, so he can actually heal the dps and not just wait for respawn an jog back to the actual battle should be incentive enough (?)

  5. I must admit I hadn’t thought about the support guys. I don’t see too many Magus around on Destro but I always thought that was because they were a bit under powered early on.

    I think the fact that so many things need ot be taken into consideration that it would be more fair to just split the amount across the whole scenario then people might play for the win.

    Mind you, one thing about the current system is you don’t see people just giving up because the are losing as any further damage they do will help out.

    So many things to consider …

  6. @ Godless

    I always have heals for the tanks that protect me 🙂

    Tanks get heals, DPS get heals, it all depends on the situation. I usually keep HoTs up on tanks and sorcs and put a bit more effort into melee DPS because they take disproportionate amounts of damage. If a tank is up front causing havoc but the other melee DPS are sitting back doing squat I will focus heals on the tank.

    TBH, I haven’t changed the way I heal at all in scenarios because of the changes to RP, I am in there for the enjoyment more than the points. Same reason I don’t drop group if I am on a DPS alt.

  7. Couldn’t agree more.
    I don’t even care for RP atm.
    Decided to skip scenarios altogether atm (after having tried them out) an trying to get in open-world pvp which is WAY more fun, and doing all possible quests inbetween.
    I’m in no real hurry to get maxed rank, just enjoying the game 🙂

  8. […] A campaign I’m willing to get behind (as I know he’ll support tome unlocks for healers. rar!).. Warhammer Tank reminds us of why damage taken is a very important stat. Seriously, I think it does need to be looked at for renown and xp in RvR – and we were all shocked at the Herald hint on how to increase renown as a healer by looking after your dps’ers. Denizens of Xibalba agrees. […]

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